Know Your Life Insurance Risk Class

Good health always comes with a better price. And this is show with the different value for every risk class that is present. There are different types of risk classes for every individual. These are the categories that will evaluate the life insurance rate for you. From the most health conscious buff to those who are couch potatoes or enjoying their sedentary lifestyle together with their nicotine and alcohol and high fat diets, there are certain rates that each are given depending on their current lifestyle and living situations. Even with the different hobbies and the hazards of your way of living are also big factors of finding out the insurance rate for you, and how it is the higher your risk for accidents, diseases (such as cardiac diseases) the higher the premium will be because the likelihood of the company paying for your medical bills and other expenses will also be spiked up. There are a number of factors that play a role in assessment of the “risk class” these are: smoker or non-smoker, blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, weight and height, income and lifestyle, medical history and overall health, family’s medical history, hazardous professions and hobbies.

After the data and information is given and assessed, an applicant’s rate classification is determined. These are: Preferred Plus No Nicotine (also known as “Preferred Best” or “Super Preferred”), Preferred No Nicotine, Preferred Nicotine, Standard No Nicotine, Standard Nicotine Substandard.

Among the biggest diseases that there are, the disease with the highest mortality rate are those from cardiac diseases. And the top two main criteria for those who are in highest risk for this are smokers and high blood pressure with cholesterol problems. The height and weight also play a big part in this, and especially where weight is concerned the growing numbers of obese adults are certainly growing.

So what are the ways to get lower life insurance rates? Certainly, one has to take good care of his/her health if he or she is planning to get insurance soon. It pays to have good health and to have good eating habits. Also be a non-smoker, non-smokers pays a lower rate compared to smokers. Since it has been tested and proven the cigarette smoking is a definitely a habit that one must cut, this will give you more reason to quit. Once an applicant is considered to be on the Preferred Nicotine class, there are some insurance companies that will charge less if the smoker smokes less than a pack a day. Weight maintenance is also a good idea in order to maintain the ideal weight for height, and another factor but which non-modifiable and that you’ll just have to be blessed with is a good family medical history and that includes no episodes of heart diseases and other unlikeable diseases.